Mechanical Repairs

At Piston Cranky we provide a full range of mechanical services, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Services include:

Warrant of Fitness testing and repairs

WoFs need to be renewed every 6 months for vehicles over 6 years, and every 12 months for new vehicles. At Piston Cranky we are qualified WoF inspectors and can perform any repairs necessary. WoF time is also a good time to get your regular mechanical service done.


Full electrical and mechanical servicing

When you need a servicing we can do it all, including oil and filter changes, engine flush, air filter service, checking tyre safety and pressure, checking and testing batteries and adding fluid, replacing wiper blades, replacing spark plugs, checking and topping up all fluids, servicing air filters, checking and repairing all lights and horn, and much more.


We carry a full range of batteries for all makes and models of vehicles and all budgets. Plus we have the equipment to test your battery to see how much life is left in it.

Transmission and gearbox maintenance
and repairs

Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your transmission, but poor maintenance can result in overheating. We will keep your transmission working correctly to ensure smooth gear changes. Our maintenance includes flushing to remove contaminants and replacing transmission fluid. You might also need a filter change.

Clutch Repairs

Using the latest diagnostic tools we can diagnose your clutch to see if it needs repair or replacement. We also check the clutch cable, adjusting if needed, check the clutch fluid and road test your vehicle.

Cambelt/Timing Belt

Your cambelt / timing belt should be changed every five years or 100,000kms, whichever comes first. At Piston Cranky we have cambelts / timing belts for all makes and models.
Whatever your requirements to keep our vehicle on the road and running safely
and efficiently, talk to the friendly team at Piston Cranky - we're here to help!!